Break the routine with an interactive adventure and play in the comfort of your home!

Science-Fiction fan?

Discover an adventure designed especially for you!

It is an interactive experience, which you can live from the comfort of your home.

It's an investigative game with a compelling story that's filled with puzzles, mystery and colorful characters.

We use a variety of media to convey the story to you.

We created this adventure inspired by the concept of escape games and more specifically alternate reality games.

Mystery at the Observatory

Play in a world halfway between fiction and reality

Investigate as if it were in real life and handle real clues, browse real sites and real documents to advance your investigation.

Fans of puzzle games? A real deduction challenge.

You will have to solve original puzzles and riddles. Solve a mysterious death.

The adventure will keep you busy for several hours. You will be able to interact with characters and discover a captivating story.

An original activity to entertain you tonight!

We have created a free riddle. Try the concept now!