An Immersive Game For Your Visitors

Offer your visitors a unique experience and a memorable souvenir that they will not hesitate to share. You will become a major actor of their trip. Make them happy!

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Unique Experience

Your visitors will be captivated by the story and the investigation to be solved, which will give them an unforgettable memory of their stay.

Added Value

Stand out from the competition and increase your revenues by offering a value-added experience.

Attract New Customers

Your customers will be curious to discover this new gaming experience and will be encouraged to book their stay in your rentals.

Get More Satisfaction

Get good feedback from your visitors and more recommendations. Increase your customers' satisfaction.

Alternate Reality Games

Our games are inspired by the world of alternate reality stories.





Other Successful Games

We create fun experiences for any industry

ARSXP Order of the Sleuths
ARSXP Order of the Sleuths
ARSXP Mystery at the Observatory
ARSXP Mystery at the Observatory

This Is Your Future Playful Adventure

This adventure is designed to entertain both families and couples. Players will be able to play directly from your location and will be immersed in a world of fantasy and horror. The witch hunt is on!

People start the adventure simply by scanning a QR code found on a flyer in your location. It's very easy to start the game!

And you will receive your money from sales every month.

An Offer Designed For The Long Term

Enjoy your new attraction while earning extra income effortlessly


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Available This Fall, Just In Time

Development is underway and it will be memorable.

What You Get By Purchasing The Adventure

A complete fun adventure that lasts about an hour or two. Hosted on our servers and fully autopiloted by our services.

A payment system that will effortlessly collect payments from your customers. You receive deposits every month. For a small fee.

All the necessary material to present the adventure to your visitors. Specifically a display with a poster and a QR code.

Support and customer service is provided by our dynamic team. You don't have to do anything and everything is done by itself.

Continuous improvements and updates. The gameplay requires no hardware on your part. Only an Internet connection is required.

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