Inspired by escape games and alternate reality games

An adventure "in" your life!

We have created interactive adventures that you can experience from the comfort of your home.

We use transmedia storytelling techniques to share compelling stories with you. 

A playful experience whose concept is inspired by escape games and alternate reality games.


Breaking the boundary between game and reality

ARS Expérience is a company that brings together several collaborators specialized in the field of entertainment and transmedia storytelling techniques.

Our wish is to break the routine of our customers by making their life a playground. We want to create emotions through unique playful and immersive experiences. 

Online Puzzle

Enter a new world of alternate reality

More than just a browser game
More than just a mail game
More than just an online game

We are 100% interactive by creating immersive situations.

We use communication techniques to get into our clients' lives.

We share our stories with you using...

  • Phone calls
  • E-mail exchanges and text messages
  • Documents, photos, paper
  • Objects, material, parcels
  • Sites, blogs, PDF documents
  • And much more...

We use all the media at our disposal to achieve our goals.

Want to try a new online puzzle concept?