Benoit Mongrain - May 22, 2023

Megan Morgan: future protagonist of an alternate reality game?


Today, we're excited to share some great news with you. Our development team is currently working on a brand new adventure that will be available online very soon. And guess what? Our writer, without even planning it, has written a story that, to our surprise, looks like it was written for a real person: Megan Morgan.

You're probably wondering how we discovered Megan, the perfect protagonist for our immersive adventure. Well, one of our team members is an avid follower of this talented Youtuber, and thanks to his inspiring content and passion for discovery, we knew immediately that we had found our heroine.

Megan Morgan is a young woman whose spirit of adventure is as vast as the universe itself. With a dynamic personality and infectious energy, she has captured a loyal community of subscribers on YouTube. Her passion for True Crime and the mysteries of the world is palpable in every video she shares.

When we contacted Megan about becoming a character in this adventure, she immediately accepted with enthusiasm. Her passion for new experiences and her willingness to push the envelope fit perfectly with our vision for this alternate reality game. We are confident that Megan will play her part well and that her commitment to the adventure will be evident at every turn.

So whether you're a Megan Morgan fan or a first-time reader, we invite you to get ready for an extraordinary adventure. Our team can't wait to tell you all the details of this story that will give you an unforgettable thrill.

An exclusive interview with Megan Morgan

Can you tell us about your YouTube channel?

Almost two and a half years ago, I launched my YouTube channel dedicated to true crime. I cover topics such as serial killers, unsolved mysteries, cults... I am passionate about this subject and I am happy to have built a small community of enthusiasts of these strange and fascinating stories.

What was the trigger for you? Why did you choose this subject? How did you get started?

I've always been fascinated by these topics, and I discovered True Crime YouTube videos a little over four years ago thanks to American youtuber Bailey Sarian who presents crime cases while wearing makeup. I found her fascinating and loved that she mixed makeup and True Crime, because in addition to my channel, I am a professional makeup artist myself. I didn't have anyone around me to discuss these topics with, so I thought that by creating my own channel, I could potentially find people to talk to about this topic.

What is the true crime that fascinates you the most?

There have been so many, but I think Alison Bota's case has stuck with me the most. After the violence of her attack, it's almost unimaginable to think that she was able to get up and fight for her life like that. She is a true miracle worker. Otherwise, of course, it's cases like Jeffrey Dahmer or Ed Gein that scare and fascinate me the most. Ed Gein dug up graves and used the remains of corpses to make objects, accessories or furniture. You have to be pretty tortured to do that! I wish I could study cases like Gein's more closely.

What is your proudest achievement?

To see my channel grow day by day, and to have more and more people around me to exchange with on these subjects. I have covered a few unsolved cases and I plan to cover more in the future, because I think it is extremely important to shed light on lesser known cases, to allow the victims' relatives to potentially have answers to their questions.

The advice you wish you had received 10 years ago?

Not taking things too personally. I'm still trying to work on that, which isn't always easy. It's pretty quick to get discouraged and give up at the slightest defeat or negative comment, but unfortunately, you don't get anywhere by doing that. Negative reviews will always be there, no matter what your job is, and you will never be able to please everyone, you have to accept that and take the positive into account.

Do you have any new projects in development?

Well, yes! By the end of the year, I'd like to officially release some merchandise for my passion for True Crime, Halloween, horror and more, as well as some small video projects on the side. I really hope to develop my channel during these next months and develop new things around YouTube allowing me to work on my creativity.

What do you like about this concept of alternate reality games?

I was briefly introduced to this field by my husband, who is a true video game enthusiast. I had the opportunity to play an alternate reality game with friends a few years ago and loved the concept. It creates a very special atmosphere and brings people together. It's kind of like board games, but I think this concept will appeal to kids even more because you are literally immersed in the game, which is just great!

What is your favorite theme?

I love anything scary or suspenseful, it's really the kind of game I enjoy the most. The fact that you have to solve puzzles and use your brain, I love that!

Which game brings back your best memories?

Animal Crossing! I started playing this game when I was between 8 and 10 years old, and have played it on at least 4 different consoles. Today, I still have my Switch next to me and over 500 hours of play under my belt. This game reminds me of my childhood, and it brings back a lot of good memories. It's also about finding a balance with my passion for scary things...

You never leave home without...?

My pair of Dr Martens. I am a big fan of this brand and my friends know it, whether it's snowing, raining or hot, I never go out without, and I have a pair suitable for all weather!

Your friends describe you as...?

Rock 'n' Roll! I'm the rocker in my group of friends, always ready to talk about tattoos, concerts, and dressed in black from head to toe. Or the anxious one of the group, I'm constantly stressed, about everything and all the time.

To escape the routine, you... ?

I go on vacation as often as possible, I need to get away, to get some fresh air. Even if it's only for a day, a few hours away from home. In the middle of nature, I can completely recharge my batteries. Usually, in the middle of my vacation, I like to plan the next one to make sure I always have something planned.

To make you happy, we offer you... ?

Sweet food! Chocolate, cookies, donuts, pastries... I LOVE IT, and I never say no. 

If your future was read in the tarot, what story would you like the cards to tell?

Succeed! YouTube is definitely the place where I thrive the most, so imagining myself one day making a 100% living from it would be a dream. I wish things would continue to go the way they are, but if it doesn't, it's just the way it is and I'm sure I'll find another medium where I can thrive!

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