Benoit Mongrain

Alternate reality games: Quick summary


What is an alternate reality game?

An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) is a form of entertainment that mixes the real world with fictional elements and puzzles. Players interact with the story through various media, such as websites, e-mail, encrypted messages, phone calls, videos and so on. The plot often unfolds in real time, requiring players to collaborate to solve complex puzzles, uncover hidden clues and progress through the story. ARGs can be created to promote films, series, video games, or simply to offer participants a unique immersive experience.

  • A game that takes place in real life
  • Online and physical game play
  • A community of players
  • It's not augmented reality or virtual reality
  • Using multiple media and technologies to tell a story
  • The game comes to us
  • Pretend it's real
  • Puzzles and riddles that can be solved in community
  • The original concept was for marketing

Examples and inspiration

  • Escape rooms
  • The game (movie)
  • Majestic (PC Game)
  • Analog horror
  • History of Alternate Reality Games
  • The Blair Witch Project
  • ARGNet

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