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6 types of online escape games to play at home

Escape Games

Also called "Escape room”, the escape game is a type of game that is becoming increasingly popular today. There are thousands of rooms around the world. The first rooms were born in Japan. Indeed, the invention of escape games comes from the transposition of the "Escape The Room" type of video game to a life-size role-playing game universe. The first physical escape game concept was popularized by the creator of the online video game "Crimson Room", Toshimitsu Takagi.

What is an escape game?

The game concept is simple, usually it is about trying to escape from a room in a given time. However, the concept is also adapted to other purposes, such as finding a solution to a problem, solving an investigation, solving a murder, finding treasure and many others. Players must solve riddles and find clues to reach their goal. Several scenarios and themes can be used in an escape game.

Different types of online escape games

Since 2019, with the Covid-19 pandemic. Online escape games immediately become a popular alternative to indoor escape games. So it's back to the roots and several types of online escape games are coming to the market and in different forms.

Browser-based games (Point'n Click) : This is typically like the video games that originated in escape ù. Browser-based games are available primarily on a website and can be played from a graphical interface that allows players to click on different locations to find clues. It is possible to play alone or in groups and different platforms exist on the market to gather players.

Videoconference or in « Streaming » : Room owners who already have a physical location can now use broadcast equipment to broadcast puzzles and scenery. An actor or game master is onsite and broadcasts live via video conferencing to players who are remotely located. Platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams are used. There are also versions of online escape games that will use the concept of browser-based games combined with the concept of video conferencing.

By mail, in the form of a box or subscription  : These are escape games in a box, which you can order online via the Internet. You receive documents, objects, clues and puzzles in paper form. It is possible to order as a one-off or by subscription to receive different versions every month. There are also options to print the media rather than receive them by mail.

ARSXP offers an online escape game concept inspired by alternate reality games.

Virtual Reality (VR) : Escape games in virtual reality. You must have VR equipment to play them. The famous video game studio Ubisoft has made some games in this genre. It is possible to play in group by being connected on the network to live a cooperative experience. These are typically virtual video games so what is interesting here is that it is possible to play in several different fictional worlds.

Board games : Several board game publishers have created tabletop game concepts inspired by escape games. The most famous games are Unlock and Exit. In the form of a scenario revealed with playing cards or on a game board. The players have a timer to respect and have to solve enigmas to progress in the game. Some of these games have a mobile application to offer additional game features to players. 

As you can see, there are many variations in escape games. There are also many possibilities for the creators. There is a lot of room for creativity and we can combine several ideas to create new concepts. Here is another type that we want to focus on with our company ARS Experience.

A new concept by ARSXP inspired by alternate reality games

This type of game concept is very new and is gaining a lot of popularity. It is about breaking the boundary between game and reality to create a totally immersive experience. 

Alternate reality games (ARG) are games that use the real world as a platform. It is an interactive narrative that blends into reality where players can influence the course of the story through their actions.

It is a concept that uses a transmedia narrative. It is a process of deployment of an interactive narrative that is characterized by the use of several media combined.

It is therefore possible to use traditional media such as documents, objects, and digital media such as websites, emails, phone calls, SMS (text messages), etc. The goal is to create a fully interactive experience that unfolds in the life and daily life of the players.

Our game "Mystery at the Observatory"

Synopsis : What mystery lies behind the unexpected death of Professor Nicolas Aster, Director of the 88 Constellations Observatory?

Some say it was an accident, others seem to suggest something more...sinister.

Lately, the professor was a shadow of his former self, distant and evasive. After spending many years scanning the sky through the powerful telescope of his observatory, he now spent most of his days cloistered in his office, anchored in his research.

Many believed that an incredible discovery would soon be announced, but alas, Aster is no more. Who knows, maybe he discovered something he shouldn't have, up there in the constellations.

Experience an adventure in the comfort of your home!

How the game is played

In this scenario, you receive an invitation from a representative who invites you to a benefit event organized for the observatory museum. However, you soon realize that this invitation will be cancelled because the main project leader has died in a mysterious way.

Then, while viewing the communications you received, you will notice some strange things, such as the presence of comments from Nathaniel, the professor's son, which raise some very interesting points.

You will discover a private website belonging to Nathaniel and you will end up talking directly with him. This is when your adventure will begin, as he will ask you to help him complete this investigation.

You will have to go through discovery after discovery in order to help the characters get to safety. Would you like to know the rest of the story?

Visit our online catalog to learn more.

ARSXP Order of the Sleuths
ARSXP Order of the Sleuths
ARSXP Mystery at the Observatory
ARSXP Mystery at the Observatory
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